Marking of objects

Are you the owner of a retail and service point? Do you work in a public institution? We will comprehensively make all the necessary elements of brand identification and marking of the facility, such as: boards, coffers, pylons, totems, hangers, directional systems, logos and letters. Regardless of whether it is a single place or a nationwide sales network.
wyposazenie wnetrz i dekoracje sklepowe

Interior fittings and shop decorations

Do you already have a place that is still empty? This is a task for our designers and then the assembly teams. We will quickly and professionally equip your facility with shop windows, furniture, sales islands, buildings (e.g. food court), decorations and other interior design elements. We are not afraid of any materials: wood and its derivatives, steel, aluminum, acrylic glass, PVC and others.

Trade fairs and exhibitions

Do you want to go out into the water and show yourself to the world? Nothing easier! We will make your exhibition, event or other exhibition stand catch the eyes of visitors and potential contractors. We provide complete buildings, but we can also make individual elements of the exhibition, e.g. furniture, shelves, displays or illuminated letters - from our own materials or provided by the client.

Marketing actions

You need to be where your customers are to be successful. You have to meet their expectations, anticipate their needs and aspirations. You have to be in the center of the action. Let us accompany you on this journey and we will take care of the appropriate setting for the marketing campaigns you organize, which no customer will be indifferent to. We present ideas and solutions, make prototypes, set volumes. We produce, pack, pack and ship. You can always count on our support!

POS materials

Your sales results are our priority! We know that goods and services "buy eyes", so we will be happy to help you wind your sales with a wide range of POS materials, such as: boards, roll-ups, OWZ frames, stands, boards, stretched frames, flags or masts. We are also not limited by the materials from which we make them. Depending on the needs and the desired effect, we can use: cardboard, PVC, acrylic, composite panels, steel, aluminum or wood. You decide - we will take care of the rest!
konstrukcje reklamowe

Advertising constructions

Advertising boards and constructions are the showpiece of your company. They not only inform, but also build the image of your business. Our role is to ensure that they are not only aesthetic, but above all durable - especially if they are exposed to unfavorable weather conditions. In order for our advertising boards to last for many years, we use only proven materials - steel and aluminum - at the same time giving you a choice of form - from standing to hanging structures.

Printing and other services

We are not a printing house in the strict sense of the word, but our modern machine park allows us to carry out orders also in this area. It does not matter whether it is a traditional flat print, large format or non-standard shapes. You can commission us to produce folders, stickers, posters, banners or meshes. In addition, we cut with a laser, mill, cut out spatial letters, model plexiglass, and glue vehicles. Both the printing itself and other, more advanced services and technologies are no secret to us.
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